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Cardboard Production Line price
Automatic quick change
Single facer machine is one of the important equipment of corrugated carton production line. The forming quality of corrugated board is closely related to the correct use and maintenance of single-sided machine. Single-side machine produces corrugated core paper (corrugated paper in the cardboard special name) mechanical equipment, in the corrugated packaging industry, known as the "corrugated board production line" of the heart.
Automatic quick roll change
Vacuum adsorption single side corrugated machine -- the perfect embodiment of European automatic technology
1.The whole machine adopts computer control, the whole machine simultaneously installs two sets of corrugated rollers, realizes the whole multi-corrugated type rapid replacement does not need to remove the replacement, realizes the higher production efficiency, reduces the operator's labor intensity, the roller change time only needs 5 minutes.
2.The machine adopts full liquid control technology to ensure high speed shaping and good adhesion of corrugated.
3.Corrugated roller with tooth clutch independent transmission without locking mechanism.
4.Adopt direct drive three-point transmission, the production speed is higher.
5.The machine is suitable for medium and high speed corrugated board production line.
6.High pressure centrifugal fan, with muffler device, low noise.
7.Φ corrugated roller diameter 310 mm, 320 mm, 360 mm Φ, Φ Φ 430 mm and 460 mm special alloy steel manufacturing, precision grinding by heat treatment technology.The surface is plated with hard chromium or sprayed with tungsten carbide.
8.Paper guide shaft, preheating cylinder, pressure shaft working surface grinding and hard chrome plating treatment.
9.The machine adopts high temperature grease lubrication form, centralized lubrication.
10.Infrared paper breaking sensor is adopted to realize automatic protection of paper breaking.When the paper is broken, the pressure roller exits and the pulp tray exits.
11.Sizing control is divided into electric control and automatic control.
A. according to the speed of the production line, the required amount of pulp control can be achieved through the motor.
B. It can be automatically completed by encoder and PLC according to the change of speed;And a man-machine interface numerical display, in order to ensure the corrugated machine in variable speed operation needs sizing, to ensure the stability of high quality single corrugated paper.
12. High rigidity of the same base, transmission and pressing corrugated integration;Independent drive box, achieve PLC and frequency converter communication, control corrugated machine acceleration, deceleration to save energy and reserved production management system communication interface.
13. Equipped with spray device, the humidity of the base paper can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Technical parameters:
1.Maximum mechanical speed: 180 M/min ~300M/min.
2.Effective width: 1400mm~2800mm.
3.Flute: A, B, C, E, F, BC.
Packing and shipment
1)Inside packaging could be iron frame:it is more firm to avoid shake and damage.
2)Outside packaging could be wooden case: the wooden case is of soft texture could reduce damage from impact
3)There is waterproof wrapped on the product surface before shipment
4)We also accept custom according to your requirement
Customer visit
Where is your company located? How can I visit there?
Our factory address: dongguang county, Cangzhou city, hebei province,China
How about delivery?
According to order quantity, within one month if less than 5 set.
What's your advantage?
We have working in this line for 25 years, own enough experience to keep quality and power of problem settle.Cardboard Production Line price

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