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Plastic Cup Printing Machine manufacturers
High speed Six Colors Cup Printing Machine
The photo is for your reference
Application area:
The equipment is widely used for printing yoghurt cup,ice-cream cup,fast-food bowl,Coca Cola cup and other cylindrical form or circular cone plastic products etc. It with automatic feeding cups, printing, quality inspection,counting function etc.

Main Function:
● Automatic Incline type feeder, very easy to operate amd suit for many kinds of cups.
● Cup driver can be adjusted easily and operate fluently.
● Printing cylinder separates automatic when there is no cup or double cups
● The roll gearbox can be automatic adjust the distance, ensure it is no shadow of cup surface.
● The printing plate has specialized punch, which can be aligned accurately, quickly and operated easily.
● Replacement of mould core or cup mould is convenient and fast.
● Inspect function for problem cup by corona.
● Printed articles sampling inspection function when working
● Automatic counting is more accurate, and it is very easy to collect cup
● Can be drive rubber model of transfer printing automatic.
● Two motors and two inverters to control printing part
● Constant temperature system for ink part
Main Technical Parameter:
ModelGC- 6-180
Max Printing Depth160mm
Max cup body slope5-15degree
Max. Printing Speed400 cups/min
Cup Rim Dia.Dia.50--180 mm
Cup body depth30-180mm
Main motor power (two motor to control system)8 kw
Total power19 kw
WeightAbout 8 T
Dimension ( L*W*H )6200*2500*2660mmPlastic Cup Printing Machine manufacturers

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